About Natasha

When I was a child in East Austin, my family was poor. We depended on public benefits and public transportation, and my mother worked multiple jobs. I attended public schools in East, Northeast and Southeast Austin. I was a trash bag kid. We frequently moved in the dark of night to avoid eviction. Because of my roots, I have a deep and personal understanding of how important it is for Austin to prioritize affordability and offer pathways to economic mobility. 

I attended Austin Community College and transferred to Arizona State University to study Journalism, Communications, and Business Administration. That’s when I began my journey as a community advocate and an entrepreneur. I married Lt. Thomas Madison on July 15, 2005, and we are proud parents to four lovely children: Caleb (23), Adrianna (17), Ruby (9) and Magnolia (7). Tom has been with the Austin Fire Department for 18 years and works at Fire Station #30.

I’ve given my life to this community. I support small businesses as an entrepreneur and the Board President of the East 12th Street Merchant’s Association. And because I know what it’s like to grow up in poverty, I started an organization called East Austin Advocates which provides Austin’s low-income and most vulnerable community members with connections to valuable resources. I’m also passionate about government that serves the people and I’m active with Take5toVote, an organization that helps people get engaged with their government by providing training and breaking down barriers like identification issues and transportation needs.

Today, East Austin needs affordable housing, equitable access to resources, and an environment where small businesses can thrive. My whole life has prepared me to fight tirelessly for our District. It’s time to bring innovative, capable, collaborative leadership to City Hall!

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